Episode 6: Chasing Anthems and Friends interview with Dorrian Bridges  

During Episode 6 of Chasing Anthems and Friends, we connect with our good friend Dorrian Bridges.  Dorian is an artist, performer, poet, teacher, businessman, mentor and so much more 

According to Dorrian, his story starts at the altar every Sunday at church then returning to the same routine of worldliness. Nothing made a difference in his life until the churches he attended closed back to back. It was then time for Dorrian to seek a relationship with God for himself. 

Since then, Dorrian Bridges has been sent out to spread the gospel in Public Schools, Street Corners, Grand Stages, and anywhere the Lord leads. Bridges is a nationally recognized speaker and two-time National Library of Poetry Publication recipient.  To learn more about his ministry and to get involved in the work he is doing, please visit, https://www.bridgesint.com

If you'd like to connect with Chasing Anthems and provide your comments, feedback, and suggests OR you're an artist of any kind and would like to join the conversation, please email us at chasinganthems@gmail.com

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