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Chasing Anthems - based out of Northern California, is an original Country-Rock music duo formed in 2018.  The group was founded by Richard Hibbard and Travis Howell, who became friends while sharing their passion for music, community and church, while volunteering at their local church’s youth group. 

Coming from different musical backgrounds, styles, and even interests, both Richard and Travis have combined their passion for Country-Rock music and forming it into their own unique style of original music.  When selecting a band name, the pair settled on the name “Chasing Anthems” based on the groups anthemic style choruses heard in many of their original songs.  Their music can be streamed on all major streaming platforms, as well as heard on regional and streaming radio stations.  Chasing Anthems has performed up and down the west coast, as well as Nashville, Tennessee, headlining at various casino, events and festivals.    

After creating a solid regional and social media fan base, the band caught 
 the attention of legendary music manager, Richie Varraso and in the fall of 2022 Chasing Anthems signed a management deal with the Richard Varrasso Management ("RVM”) company to help take the band to the next level and break into the major markets across the nation.  RVM has worked with some of the top tier artists over the past 40 years in multiple genres and has been a wealth of knowledge and resource to the group. 

With the assistance of RVM, Chasing Anthems is currently working with a well-known and accomplished Nashville song producer and are currently cutting their upcoming single, due to be released in the near future.   

If you are interested in booking Chasing Anthems and/or learning, please contact RVM directly @ @ (510) 792-8910 or one of their various social media sites.  Currently the band is booking for 2023 and beyond.  Hope to see you on the road soon! 






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