Episode 5: Chasing Anthems and Friends interviews Grungedelic Band "Plushie"  

During episode 5 of Chasing Anthems and Friends, we interview an amazing Grungedelic (yes we said it, Grungedelic, so cool!) band, "Plushie".  This episode we had so much fun chatting about touring, gigs, and life in Eugene, OR.


Plushie is a Grungedelic Rock band. Cody and McKenna are the band. They are the creators of all you see. It's a musical revolution and they are using Grungedelic Rock to start it. Listen closely to the lyrics and feel the pain of the coming generation. Speaking for the forgotten and the lost. Cody crafts songs from his heart and if you really listen you might find a bit of yourself. Our plan is simple. Write music from the core of life. Then Rock. 
Just that. It's just good songwriting and good playing. No denying that it feels great to hear this band. So, enjoy the music. Because that is all we have to offer around here. Just good Rock Music.

For more information regarding Plushie, please visit: www.plushiemusic.com 

To get in touch with Chasing Anthems, please feel free to email us at chasinganthems@gmail.com 

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