Episode 4: Chasing Anthems and Friends interview with Christian Hip-Hop Artist "Lyrico Godchild"  

During this episode of Chasing Anthems and Friends podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing a good friend of ours, hip-hop artist, Lyrico Godchild. 

Lyrico's BIO: 

Augustine Kiawu, better known as Lyrico Godchild, was born and raised in Liberia, a country on the west coast of Africa. Lyrico came to the United States in 2002. He lived in silver spring, Maryland for a year then moved to Philadelphia in 2003 were he met a couple of African and Black American rappers. After a freestyle session, Augustine was given the name Lyrico. ever since then, Lyrico has become one of the best African artists in the African and American community.  

Lyrico was the founder and CEO of Lyrico/Lib record, a hip pop record and productions company. Lyrico was arrested and jailed for a crime carrying a sentence of 40 years of jail time if he was found guilty. This is when Lyrico’s life took a turn.  

While serving jail time in Doylestown, Pennsylvania at the buck county correctional facility, Lyrico had a powerful vision of the lord god almighty, according to Lyrico godchild. he heard a very powerful and steady voice, yet loud enough and calm. In the vision, he was instructed to accept Christ Jesus, the son of God as his personal Lord and Savior, and give his life to God, because he was created to serve god and do his works... 

For more information about Lyrico, visit https://lyricogodchild.com  

Also, to reach out to Chasing Anthems, please feel free to email us at chasinganthems@gmail.com. 

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